Program Policies

Absence Policy

If a child is enrolled at the Child Development Centers and absent at any time during the month, tuition will not be affected. There are no requirements regarding attendance.

If possible, please notify the center when your child will be absent. This will enable your child’s teacher to plan activities most efficiently.

Class Promotion

When a child is ready to move to the next age group, the teaching staff of her or his current age group recommends new class placement. The center’s administration determines the child’s placement based on this recommendation and other factors affecting the well-being of the child and the class. Parents have the opportunity to describe the kind of teacher and learning environment they feel is best for their child and this information will be included in the decision. If a parent disagrees with the recommendation, the director makes the final decision.

Children are promoted when the following conditions occur:

  1. The child is developmentally ready (emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically)
  2. There is an opening in the age-appropriate class


Please do not bring toys from home to the center, as these items frequently create disruptions in the classroom environment. Your child may bring a single security object, such as a plush doll or stuffed animal for nap time. Such items should be put in your child’s cubby upon arrival at the center and marked with your child’s name. Teachers will not be expected to remove toys brought from home from your child, nor should you allow your child to keep such toys, besides a naptime object, in your child’s cubby.

On certain designated school occasions your child will be encouraged to wear a costume to school. Masks, toy guns or weapons of any kind as part of such costumes are strictly prohibited.

Children in the older age groups have designated days to bring items from home to share with their class. On such days you are strongly encouraged to help your child find something that ties in with the current unit theme, or has educational value.

Parking and No-Idle Policy

Upon enrollment, and every August, parents are given permits for their cars’ dashboards that identify them as center parents. Please make sure this permit is visible every time you park to use the center, and follow the specific parking guidelines below for each location. We ask that all parents turn off their engines during drop-off and pick-up to minimize children's exposure to unnecessary vehicle emissions.


There are 15 minute only spaces available for child care drop-off and pick-up directly in front of the Comal location’s entrance. Parents may park in these designated spaces for 15 minutes, with their permits displayed on their dashboards. Parents may also park in other spaces in the Comal lot, with their permits displayed on their dashboards.


There are a few 15 minute only spaces available for child care pick-up and drop-off directly in front of the San Jacinto location’s entrance. Parents may park in these spaces for 15 minutes, with their permits displayed on their dashboards. If all the designated spaces are full, parents may use the F36 spaces (in front of the center), with their permit displayed and their flashers on. There are special 1 hour permits available at the front desk if a parent needs to spend more than 15 minutes at the center.

Capitol Complex

Designated 15 minute drop off and pick up parking is available in the parking lot area in front of the playground fence.

Enrollment & Termination

Waiting List

Children who apply for enrollment are placed on a waiting list according to the date the application is received or postmarked. Parents are welcome to apply as soon as they become pregnant or begin the adoption process. Siblings of currently enrolled children receive priority on the waiting list. They are placed after other siblings on the list and must be the appropriate age for an opening in a classroom to enter the program. Once a child leaves the center, the child’s siblings no longer receive this preference. Eligible child development center staff members have the opportunity to petition for priority for their children. The petition is subject to approval.

Summer Enrollment and Leave Policy

If a currently enrolled parent plans to interrupt his or her affiliation with the University or State Agency for the summer the child may remain in the center if there is space available.

Parents who remove their children from enrollment will lose their space in the center unless they choose to pay full tuition to keep their enrollment status. They can ask to be placed on the waiting list for the following fall. Their place on the list will be determined by the date at which they put in an application.

Parents may interrupt their child’s enrollment for three or more months due to university-related business and/or course requirements, or a family emergency, a $25/month fee can be paid to hold a place. Children will be placed at the top of the waiting list after any children with sibling priority. This is not a guarantee of service.

Termination of Child Care

In very rare instances it may become necessary to terminate a child’s enrollment at the Center. If this occurs, parents will be given as much notice as practicable to make other child care arrangements, usually 30 days. Examples of when this might occur include but are not limited to failure to pay tuition or if a child is a danger to himself or others.

Policy Changes

In the event of an operational policy change or change in an item in the child care enrollment agreement, parents will be notified in writing via e-mail and the online handbook will be updated.