Parent Advisory Council

Who We Are

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) represents a cross-section of Child Development Center families,and provides child care administrators with feedback on policies and practices. The PAC has two branches (one at each of our Comal and San Jacinto locations), and our purpose is to facilitate communication between parents and the center’s administration in an on-going effort to support the quality of care provided.

What We Do

While the PAC is not a policy-making body, it assists administration with strategic planning by providing parental viewpoints and unique expertise on issues that affect the center as a whole. The PAC works with the center’s administration to review important issues, such as teacher retention,fund-raising, food service, facilities, extracurricular activities, and changes in procedures or services.The PAC also oversees the structure of parent committees, ensuring each have clear charges and leadership in place.

How to Join

Applications are available each spring, and the existing PAC selects new members at the end of every school year. Members serve staggered two-year terms, and two membership slots are reserved for parents wishing to serve for an optional third year. The PAC strives for a membership of balanced and varying perspectives, and considers many criteria when making member selection decisions. These criteria include: type of UT affiliation, tenure at the center, area of expertise, level of demonstrated involvement/interest in the center’s activities, children’s ages, and willingness to commit to a two-year term.

To learn more, please contact the PAC at your child center location:  ComalSan Jacinto, and Capitol Complex.

Parent Input

The PAC encourages all parents to contact its members with questions, suggestions, or concerns of center-wide relevance, and continually seeks input regarding issues under review. However, the PAC does not address or mediate individual concerns between parents and teachers.