Danielle Tostado


Capitol Complex Administrative Assistant

Danielle has worked in the early childhood education field since 2010 and has gained invaluable experience spanning various educational settings; from private preschools to school districts, Danielle is a dedicated professional who has left an indelible mark on the world of early childhood education. Originally from Sacramento, Danielle holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Development with a minor in early education. Her journey in education has covered a wide spectrum, from caring for infants to working with school-age children.

In her extensive career, Danielle has unearthed profound joy in witnessing the magical "light bulb" moments when her students connect with learning. Her philosophy centers around the core values of respect, kindness, and fostering an inclusive environment for both students and families. Danielle believes in treating each student and family as an individual with unique needs and talents. 

Danielle is originally from California and has found her love of Austin Texas. Outside the admin life, Danielle cherishes moments spent with her husband and their energetic 4-year-old, often embarking on day trips exploring the wonders of their surroundings.