Outdoor Learning Environments at UTCDC

About OLE! Texas

Outdoor Learning Environments (OLE!’s) promote a connection with nature, and if children care for their environment at an early age, research tells us that they will be more likely to grow up with a deeper understanding of human dependency on the natural world. OLE!’s also have been proven to promote physical activity and foster positive changes in children’s behavior, such as less altercation and better integration of children with different abilities.

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Projects at UTCDC San Jacinto Native Wildflower "Little Longhorn" Pollinator Garden

outdoor learning environment children playing

outdoor learning environment instructor talks to children

The San Jacinto location has focused on installing a native wildflower pollinator garden, tall grasses that children can explore, natural elements such as mulch to provide a soft play surface and help retain water for the existing large red oak, and tree stumps of various sizes to promote gross motor skills (climbing, jumping, etc.). This area won’t be utilized as an actual play area during school time, but will serve as a relaxing space that children can explore if parents and kids need to wait for a ride or would just like to take a break before heading home. The pollinator garden will be utilized by the older classes to help children understand plant life cycles, pollinators, and seasons among other aspects