UTCDC is Texas School Ready!

August 25, 2014 — The University of Texas at Austin Child Development Centers (UTCDC) are getting children ready for kindergarten and beyond. In order to accomplish this, our pre-k teachers are participating in the Texas School Ready Program (TSR!). This program, developed through the University of Texas Health and Science Center, is a comprehensive program that promotes school-readiness in preschool aged children through a combination of teacher training, curriculum coaching, and child progress monitoring.

In July 2014, our pre-k teachers headed to San Antonio to attend the TSR! Conference. Teachers from all over the state—including four of our very own—spent three information-packed days learning innovative ways to incorporate language, math, science, art, and social/emotional curriculum into their classrooms.  One of the teachers who attended, Ana Lerma, had this to say when asked how the TSR! Program has impacted her class.

TSR has helped me to focus on the individual needs of my kids in a more intentional way. The trainings [I go to] are broken up into different learning areas—like phonological awareness and sentence structure—and then they focus on strategies and techniques and what kids learn at different stages. They also give us tools for how to incorporate these ideas in the classroom.

What sets this apart from any other child development curriculum is that it follows the Texas pre-k guidelines so the children are being exposed to ideas that they’ll continue to build upon. I think it really helps them become confident learners.

UTCDC strongly believes that when teachers set clear educational goals for themselves as well as the children, the whole class can embark together on a journey of discovery, in which all members of the classroom community are fully engaged in the learning process.