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Tisha Barrera Achieves Certified Texas School Ready Classroom

tisha barrera hold certificate

Congratulations to Tisha Barrera, lead teacher at the Comal location, for achieving a certified Texas School Ready! classroom. Texas School Ready is a program that certifies preschool education classrooms that effectively prepared their students for kindergarten. Texas School Ready!™ is based on linking the quality instructional practices that must be in place in a preschool program to get children ready for kindergarten and the children actually achieving scores showing they were on track in the areas of reading and social skills when they went to kindergarten. Tisha’s classroom participated in the Texas School Ready program last year and is signed up to participate again this year.

The teachers who participate in the program spend a tremendous amount of time and effort meeting the requirements and criteria. Tisha has shown a great deal of dedication through her attendance at weekly trainings, special workshops, extra assessments and tracking of students, and the incorporation of specific required curriculum materials and topics. We are very proud of Tisha’s accomplishment and am sure you will join us in congratulating her.

More information about the Texas School Ready! program can be found at