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Child Development Center announces new online fundraising program

The University of Texas at Austin Child Development Center is excited to announce the new online donation program that makes it easy for the university community to give back to the center. The new program allows you to give online at your convenience, and provides a great opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of university children.

“We have such fond memories of all the children who have been a part of the center over the years, and hope they share those warm memories of learning, playing and growing with us,” says Director Sandy Briley. “It is our hope that the new online giving program will be a great way for Child Development Center alumni and their parents to stay connected with our community and commemorate the time they spent with us.”

The center has played a major role in the lives of children of university students, faculty and staff for over fifteen years, and the center’s location on The University of Texas at Austin campus gives these generations of children a unique connection to past, present, and future traditions of learning. As the university’s slogan says, “What starts here changes the world,” and every donation received through the online giving program will enrich the learning experiences of the youngest members of this world-changing university community.

one to grow on logoBriley wishes to thank everyone on the fundraising committee for their dedication to the center, and their efforts in developing the One to Grow On fundraising campaign. The online donation program is part of the One to Grow On fundraising campaign, which plays a key role in ensuring the center continues its tradition of providing high-quality, affordable child care that hooks children young to a lifetime of educational success.