Child Development Center

Playground Work Day Brings Community Together

Volunteers Brighten San Jacinto Playground

children playing in playgound

Volunteers devoted a Sunday to improving the San Jacinto playground, and children jumped for joy at the results.

November 12, 2006 — The Child Development Center’s San Jacinto playground was full of positive role models on Sunday, when parents, teachers, and over 40 volunteers from the College of Communication and the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity worked together to make the play area a brighter, safer place.

The playground work day took place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and included gardening, painting, and sanding projects. The biggest project involved creating a new sand area, which will bring more fun and safety to the playground by burying tree roots that presented tripping problems.

Children literally jumped for joy on Monday as they explored their newly painted and kid-proofed playground, and were grateful for all the hard work of the parent, staff, and student volunteers. For the volunteers, the smiles on the children’s faces made their efforts worthwhile.

“I am delighted that so many different members of the university community came together for this event,” said Director Sandy Briley. “The Child Development Center loved working with the College of Communication and Phi Kappa Psi volunteers, and the children are having so much fun in their new and improved playground.”

Briley continued, “The fact that so many parents joined forces to plan the playground work day and devote a Sunday to our center shows how truly committed they are to their children’s lives, and I am constantly impressed by the level of parent involvement. And, the great turnout of student volunteers shows how special it is that our center is part of The University of Texas at Austin community.”

The children would like to thank the parents, center staff, and student groups who made the playground work day possible. They send a special thanks to all the volunteers from Phi Kappa Psi, and the College of Communication’s Freshman Interest Group, Comm Council, and Texas Spirits Group who brightened up the San Jacinto playground.

students shoveling students painting fence students painting play house