Child Development Center

Pennies from the Heart

Children Donate Pennies to Hearts of Texas Charitable Campaign

Photo of children surrounding a penny jar

Children and teachers celebrate their contribution to the Hearts of Texas Charitable Campaign

November 10, 2006 — Children and teachers gathered in the Child Development Center’s Comal Street playground to present a donation jar full of pennies to the Hearts of Texas Charitable Campaign. The two, three and four year olds had worked to collect the pennies for a month, and proudly presented their donation to Tammy Vega, local chair of the State Employee Charitable Committee, at 9 a.m.

The Hearts of Texas campaign is The University of Texas at Austin’s annual fundraising effort for the State Employee Charitable Committee, which raises money for over 500 charities, and the children’s participation provided a great opportunity for them to learn about the spirit of giving. Throughout the month of October, teachers incorporated themes of good deeds and charity into lesson plans and generated enthusiasm among children about the penny collection project.

According to Debbie Romero, the teacher who organized the penny collection, the hands-on fundraising effort was a powerful learning experience for the children, and the Comal center community is proud to be a part of the 2006 university-wide donation of over $600,000.

Kathy Bartsch, of the Office of the President, attended the penny presentation to thank the children for their hard work on behalf of the university and the Hearts of Texas campaign.