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Children Celebrate United Nations Day

african-american boy in central american fashion asian girl in asian fashion hispanic girl in central american fashion asian-american boy in asian fashion

October 25, 2006 — children of the Child Development Center’s Comal Street location celebrated United Nations Day with full flair by dressing up in the traditional costumes and colors of their cultures and nationalities. Teachers and parents decorated the center with international flags and shared with children in listening to music and eating delicious foods from around the world.

Parents also brought in a variety of musical instruments to represent their children’s heritage, and, through song, dance, tasty dishes, and a dazzling array of costumes, the center celebrated its diversity. Showcasing the depth of the center’s cultural fabric, this event symbolizes the university’s dedication to promoting international awareness and diversity among even its youngest community members.

As Site Director Hara Cootes said, “This was a wonderful event and a great opportunity for the children to learn about and explore all the cultures that make up our community.”